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Steve Hoffman
The Audio Mastering and Remastering Master
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Articles And Information
1. Steve Hoffman Biography.
2. Frequently Asked Questions About Steve and his work at DCC Compact Classics.
3. Steve's Philosophy on sound and why he masters the way he does.
4. Steve on Hardware that he uses.
5. Some specific projects that Steve has worked on.

6.  Steve's Discography from his site
7. What is the goal of all of this?
8. Field Trip To Steve's Work Place
9. Steve spends time at the legendary Capitol Tower

Audio Lessons
1. Equalization
2. Remixing
3. Compression
4. Reverb/Echo

5. Noise Reduction

Actual Interviews*
1. An interview with Steve Hoffman from Eldis and their Bob Dylan website.
2. An interview with Steve Hoffman from The 910 with the layout by Vintage Rock
3. Steve Hoffman in conversation.
The edited version appearing in issues 108 and 109 of The Abso!ute Sound and this is a link to the entire interview copyrighted 1997 by Mercury's Moon Productions. This is simply a link to their page.
4.  An interview with Steve Hoffman by Acoustic Sounds
5.  This is an interview from The Absolute Sound issue 128 by Richard Boesser.
6.  This is an interview from the LA Life October 31st 2000.
7.  Doug Hess interviews Steve in the fall of 2000
8.  Doug Hess interviews Steve in the fall of 2002
9.  An interview with Steve Hoffman from Beatlology Magazine from November 2003.
10. Doug Hess interviews mastering engineer Dennis Drake in January of 2005.
11. Doug Hess interviews Steve Hoffman in April of 2005.
12. An interview with Steve Hoffman courtesy of Tape Op magazine.
13.  An interview with engineering and producing legend Ken Scott in March of 2006.
14.  An interview with legend Steve Hoffman by Brian Smith in April of 2007 from the Metro Times newspaper of Detroit, Michigan.

*These interviews or articles may be copyrighted and may be just links to the site where they are hosted.

Other information and articles that are related
1. AcousTech The premier mastering lab in the world
2. Bill Putnam, Sr A profile of the one the pioneers of great studios and equipment.
3. Mastering For Idiots A link to which provides some basic mastering information.
4. The Problem With Most CD's The original article I wrote on Compact Discs and their quality or lack thereof that started this site years ago.