Here is a listing of the hardware Steve uses:

Steve obviously has to listen to the master tapes on something-- amps, speakers, etc. This section is not about Steve's endorsement of any particular product. This is simply a collection of discussions on what he uses for different projects whether mastering or pleasure and why.

Thorens 160, Thorens 2001, Thorens TD-124 with ESL arm, Columbia Grafanola, Victor Orthophonic, Edison Standard, Edison Gem, Brunswick 117

Signet TK10ML Moving Magnet, Shure V15, Shure M95ED, Shure M44 for 78's, steel needles for acoustic machines.. :^)

Marantz 10B, McIntosh MR-71, Sherwood S-3000

Digital Front End:
Sony SACD-777 two channel player, YBA Audio Refinement Complete Alpha CD Player, Fostex DA-10 DAT

CD Recorder:
HHB Professional

Analog Front End:
Ampex 351-2-P tube tape deck, Ampex 440-4 tape deck, modified Tascam BR-20, Teac A-4300SX tape deck, Viking 88 tube tape deck

Pre Amplifier:
Emotive Audio Epifania, deHavilland Mercury 2, Emotive Audio Circa phono, Joule Electra LA-150, Grover "GroverStage", Sutherland Ph.D. Phono, Marantz 7C, McIntosh MX-110, Danish LA Audio MM phono

Concert Fidelity 6B4G monoblocks, Wavac EC-300B SET amp, deHavilland Aries 845-G, Grover "Groverblocks", Pacific Creek Separo SE300I integrated, Marantz 8B, McIntosh MC-30's, Dynakit ST-70, Sherwood integrated S-5000 II, Pioneer QX-949 Quad receiver

Headphone System:
Really old Koss cans, Sennheiser HD-600, JVC 4 CHANNEL 5944 (QUAD)

Speaker System:
Tetra 506 LTD Custom, ESP Bodhrand SE, Rogers BBC LS3/5a, 1967 Tannoy Gold 15" Lancaster, Definitive Technology SuperCube Reference subwoofer, Whatmough Leadlined monitors, Legacy Victoria Custom

Speaker Cables:
Kubala-Sosna Research Emotion bi-wired and single wired

Kubala-Sosna Research Emotion interconnects and power cables

System Rack:
Symposium Acoustics Isis Custom

Other Accessories:
Universal Audio EQ, GML parametric EQ, Klark-Teknik graphic EQ, Running Springs Audio Danielle & Duke power devices, Teletronix LA-2A leveling amplifiers, Ampex MX-35 tube mixer, RCA tube testers, Symposium Acoustics vibration devices, Shakti Stones

Room Size: